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After the success of last year’s virtual quest, we’re proud to announce Secure Coding V2: The Adventure Continues. We’re back and bigger than ever. Welcome to the next level. Join us on March 24, 2021, to hear from industry-leading AppSec and DevSecOps practitioners, analysts, and visionaries as they share their best pro tips and power ups to level up your code security.
We bring together thought leaders, security experts and IT professionals to look back on the challenges and solutions that emerged from 2020 and look ahead to the new security landscape in the years to come. You won't want to miss conversations from real world practitioners and experts in the cybersecurity realm on topics including: Ransomware, Application Security, Cloud Security, DevSecOps, Remote-access Security, and more!
The third annual Predict conference, Predict 2021, promises to be like no other. What does 2021 hold in store for the world of digital transformation, DevOps, Cloud Native & Cybersecurity? Will we attain the fabled “new normal’? Join us as we ask some of the leading minds on the topic for their best guesses/predictions on what 2021 has in store.
A deep-dive into building and managing hybrid applications for agility in a multi-cloud world of continuous delivery, live talks from global industry thought leaders, clients and ecosystem partners on the latest in IBM Z, DevOps, LinuxONE, Cloud, Analytics, Open Source and more.
FinConDX is a virtual conference focused on the DevOps, DevSecOps and Digital Transformation practices and tools you need to thrive in the fintech industry. The conference brings together financial services and tech leaders to cover a wide range of topics, including development, operations, product, architecture and leadership.
The event highlights some of the ways low-code is changing the face of application development through success stories, use cases and best practices. You’ll learn how organizations are using low-code technologies to not just survive in today’s business climate but thrive. Featuring keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and an expo hall, this event is meant for the entire community.
IBM explores the new practice of Site Reliability Engineering and how the operations approach ensures that continuously delivered applications run efficiently and reliably with automation and data driven solutions that can reduce your meant time to resolution.
Returning for its 3rd year, DevOps Experience is back with more great stories of DevOps transformations, great speakers and great DevOps learning. This year’s event focuses on how DevOps is not only adopted from a “top down” model, but very often from the “bottom up.”
Attendees will hear from thought leaders, business executives, practitioners, engineers, and analysts in a variety of formats including keynotes, panels, interactive sessions and hands-on workshops. Our exhibit hall will showcase the latest solutions from leading Kubernetes companies with engineers standing by to answer questions in real-time.
A 12-hour global tech conference featuring thought leaders, innovators and the builders of tomorrow’s latest innovations in the areas of Digital Transformation, DevOps, Containers, Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies. Attendees will hear from the brightest minds in our community about how technology is making a difference.
The Time Series Virtual Summit is a virtual event focused on the impact of time series data. You will gain firsthand knowledge and inspiration from a variety of developers and open source project members on how time series data can be used to help you build and optimize your solutions for real-time visibility into stacks, sensors and systems.

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