Increasing DevSecOps Maturity Level in 2021
Date & Time
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Alex Rebert

DevSecOps adoption is on the rise amongst business leaders who wish to hold software development teams accountable for stronger system-wise data security. DevSecOps shifts cybersecurity from “checkbox at the end of development” -- which is known to be expensive and error prone -- to include cybersecurity in each part of the life cycle. But this organizational transformation is not without its growing pains. This session will cover the future of how tools like fuzzing will help increase organizational DevSecOps ""safe"" coding languages, and the future of DevSecOps. Alex will explore why fuzzing will become the 3rd pillar of testing, as fundamental to quality as unit and integration testing. Amid demands to push more testing left, the time is ripe for automation technology to evolve approaches to software testing. Developers will speness time on testing while writing better tests. As organizations see gains from property-based fuzzing, we will see deeper integrations between fuzzing techniques and testing framework in 2021.

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Predict 2021 Virtual Summit
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