Why the No- and Low-Code Hype will Hit a Wall in 2021
Date & Time
Friday, January 22, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

In a year as uncertain as 2020, companies flocked to the new wave of no- and low-code tools promising the speed needed to meet their development needs. But as the panic dissipates and people within the enterprise attempt to use apps built with these tools in their daily work, companies will quickly realize the limitations of these platforms.
In 2021, we’ll see that many of the apps created with these platforms amid the pandemic with the intention of being mission-critical will instead become obsolete as they fail to adapt to changing needs and evolving challenges. This will set organizations and developers back to square one, and they’ll seek out more advanced platforms that enable their development teams in new and better ways.
This is where modern application platforms come in. In this session, attendees will be encouraged to think critically about the limitations of no- and low-code platforms for serious business needs, and come to understand how modern applications platforms enable IT teams to build any type of application not only quickly, but to the scale, security, and differentiation they need for inevitable future change

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