From Disaster Recovery to IT Resilience
Date & Time
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Nate Stewart

In today’s climate, people expect always-on, 24/7 experiences with every application they use. Yet, the last six months alone have been wrought with outages and in today’s digital economy, this is something businesses can no longer afford. With increased complexity and data growth causing exponentially slower time to recovery, we need to expect failures as the rule, not the exception. In this session, Nate Stewart, Chief Product Officer at Cockroach Labs, will discuss why organizations will leave all notions of “disaster recovery” behind and rebuild architectures for resiliency in 2021. He can touch on how in 2021, resilience to changes in IT’s operating environment that threaten a company’s viability (new customer requirements, major competitor moves, new data privacy regulations, etc) will be key for business continuity. As businesses are becoming increasingly global, and the rise of 5G speeds and IoT all around us, Nate can discuss how location will be a new vector by which we architect databases for modern applications to remain resilient to the changes 2021 will bring.

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Predict 2021 Virtual Summit
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