Customers, Connections, and Conway’s Law: The Future of Software as a Core Function
Date & Time
Friday, January 22, 2021, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Brian Dawson Mitchell Ashley

CI, CD and DevOps principles have a shared ancestry in Agile...all have a core focus on speed as enabling a fast feedback loop, collaboration to enable efficiency and a priority focus on the customers. While the industry has done well to make stronger connections between Dev and Ops teams, as it is well understood that software is eating the world, at times the feedback loop has been forgotten, and the pursuit of speed for the sake of speed has strained collaboration.  In fact, software is now a key business differentiator and efficient collaboration, continuous feedback, and customer experience are critical to success.

To bring software closer to solving the customer's needs in the future -- while also satisfying the goals and motivations of our developers -- it's important that we take Conway's Law further into account. We must build the organizational structures and practices that drive collaboration, and we connect all stakeholders to embrace software as a core function.

In this presentation, I will share examples and data that underscore the imperative of developing products that meet the customer where they are, and look at emergent patterns and processes to help reach beyond the limitations of our own individual experiences or expertise.

Attendees will learn:

1. How to incorporate shared expertise across an organization, which can help technology leaders drive communication, collaboration, and culture within their organizations to close the forgotten feedback loop.

2. Tips on how to shift to a ‘continuous everything’ model and mindset that will help increase customer value.

3. Data and use cases to support new processes and avoid anti-patterns for all stakeholders.

Relevant Audience

Developers, IT Ops, Release Managers

Product Managers, Business Line Owners

Business and Technical leaders tasked with improving customer experience

Business leaders, Managers

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Predict 2021 Virtual Summit
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Keynote Sessions
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