Devops, Mainframes, and Culture Change: Removing Barriers to Successful Transformation
Date & Time
Thursday, February 11, 2021, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Anna Murray

More companies tell us they are discovering the competitive advantage and necessity of including the mainframe in their DevOps transformations. For others, entrenched stigmas around the mainframe platform and community have caused hesitations with DevOps. As any tried-and-true enterprise DevOps leader will tell you, successfully bridging the gap between Mainframe and DevOps comes down to inspiring and championing a cross-functional cultural shift that supports modern processes and tools to accelerate change and innovation.

Find out what it takes to support real mainframe DevOps and discover real-world success. Join ASG Senior Product Manager, Anna Murray for a discussion that dives into:

  • The power and relevance of the mainframe today

  • Why it’s important to include the mainframe in your DevOps initiative

  • How leading organizations are transitioning to mainframe DevOps

  • What mainframe DevOps looks like in the real world


Location Name
Open Mainframe 2021
Session Type
Spotlight Session
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