Full Name
Summer Craze Fowler
Job Title
Argo AI
Speaker Bio
Summer Craze Fowler is the CIO/CISO at Argo AI and an adjuct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University. Argo AI is an artificial intelligence company developing self-driving vehicles with a focus on making affordable, safe transportation available to everyone. Summer was previously a director at Carnegie Mellon’s CERT cybersecurity program where she spent 11 years researching and developing cyber security risk and resilience solutions for the US govt and the nation’s critical infrastructure. Summer is a member of an audit committee for a large healthcare company and is a cyber risk advisor for a FinTech company. She also develops and teaches for several Executive Education programs for CISOs, CROs, CIOs, and insurance professionals. She is passionate about helping women launch and advance in careers and serves on the board of a local non-profit, PA Women Work. Summer is often requested to speak at cyber events around the world - notably the World Conference on IT, RSA, and to provide testimony in the US Congress.
Summer Craze Fowler