Security Is Not Optional. Security Is a Basic Right
Date & Time
Thursday, March 4, 2021, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Erkang Zheng

"We don't have budget for security products unless we get hacked". I often hear this from management and boards: It pains me to hear it. As a former CISO myself, I've been in many similar situations and discussions, and my belief has become, “Security is not optional. Security is a basic right.”
Two things I believe in:
1. Security should be considered a measurement of the wellness of an organization. Either you invest in it, or pay the price, a premium price, later down the road.
2. Great security products should be affordable, or even free. "Security is a basic right" is my vision for every organization.
In this session, we’ll explore how security considerations can become an integrated part of every technology team, and why that should be a basic right to all companies, not just those that can afford it. You’ll leave the session with ideas on how to expand your security program through low-to-no cost initiatives, how to focus on the right things that would make long term impact not just the security of your business, but the quality of the solutions you provide to your clients.

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