Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise: Experts Weigh In
Date & Time
Thursday, March 4, 2021, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Mitchell Ashley Jim Ducharme Myla Pilao John Summers

This panel will consider how cybersecurity threats changed with COVID-19 and what to expect in 2021 across three perspectives: Myla Pilao leads security research communications at TrendLabs, Trend Micro’s Research and Development Center. She believes that attacks will likely exploit known vulnerabilities in online collaboration and productivity software soon after they are disclosed, rather than zero-days. Also, access-as-a-service business models of cybercrime will grow, targeting the home networks of high-value employees. John Summers, SVP & General Manager, Web Security will consider the increasing number of DDoS attacks and whether businesses will continue to pay extortion demands, -- incentivizing the criminal activity. Jim Ducharme, General Manager, RSA Anti-Fraud can speak to the threats stemming from the surge in ecommerce transactions and corresponding rise in targeted CNP fraud. He will also make predictions around other related technology schemes, such as the expanded use of QR codes to promote contactless technology which have allowed fraudsters to use new type of phishing attack.

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